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When you need a strong CFO, but hiring one isn’t the right choice for you at this time.


We deliver an institutional-level back office, both experienced personnel, and technology, at a fraction of the cost of building it in-house. Whether your objective is a more independent back office, reduced technology cost, or reduce/optimized headcount, having an outsourced CFO can help you achieve your goal and increase your bottom line.


NAV Replication - An industry best practice, we'll maintain our own trade processing & reconciliations and shadow NAV. Your administrator's NAV will be reviewed and reconciled with our shadow NAV to identify and resolve any discrepancies.


Operation - We perform trades, portfolio, and cash reconciliations, analyze and process re-organizational activities, bank wires, treasury functions, Fund's bill payments, inter-company repatriations, and other operational tasks.


Service Provider Management - We can manage your vendors, from audit, tax, legal, compliance, and more. Let our management experience help you stay focused and streamline your operations by eliminating distractions.

Investor Relations - Timely and accurate communication is the key to healthy investor relations. We will help you facilitate clear communication between you and your investors.


Corporate Accounting - Manage all accounting and finance for the General Partner and Management company entities.

Business Support - Problem solving on many of the business issues related to the growth of the business.  We know when to bring in professional experts to resolve potential issues.


Flexibility - Our scope of services is highly customizable. 

Fund Administration

Using our outsourced CFO functions, you get the instant benefit of our knowledge of industry know-how, experience, cutting edge technology, redundancy, and internal controls. Our principal brings 25 plus years of experience.


Hiring in-house staff, you’ll need to cover everything from office space, computer hardware/software, employee benefits, employer taxes, vacations, sick days, bonuses, etc. By outsourcing, you can simply reduce these costs. In addition, hire the people where you need the most. With our help, you can reallocate your budget to bringing in talented marketing and/or legal professionals to help raise capital.    


All the expertise, technology, and infrastructure you’ll need without increased spending of time and money.  It’s a no-brainer.  Let us help you.

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