Flexible levels of independent fund administration that are right for your asset size and budget.

Explore your choices.

Fund Administration

When you want everything done for you.

NAV - Lite

Only the things you need to get by.

Not every fund is the same

Depending on where you are in the cycle of growth for your fund, your needs and budget will vary. Start from basic solutions and expand, or choose full administration from the start. We have all your options covered.

Fund Administration

We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive solution.

As an independent third-party administrator, our team is ready to exceed your expectations with reliable, accurate, timely deliverables with top customer service, utilizing cutting edge technology. Whether you are just starting out, your fund has matured, or simply downsized, we can provide you with the right solutions for you.


Daily Operations

We perform daily trade, portfolio, and cash reconciliations, organizational activities, bank wires, fund's invoice payments and any other daily operational tasks.

Fund Accouting

We will complete the preparation of the fund's Income statement, balance sheet, and partners’ capital.

Investor Services

We work closely with you to process subscription and redemptions, disseminate sensitive documents, prepare and distribute investor statements through our secure portal. 

 Audit Assistance

We'll prepare your fund's audited financial statements with related footnote disclosures drafts for your year-end audit.

NAV - Lite


Get your basic needs met.

Our NAV Lite service offers cost-effective and flexible NAV (Net Asset Value) calculations and fund accounting solutions particularly for start-up and small-sized funds. We provide core essential fund accounting within a modular structure that allows you to add appropriate services selectively as your business grows.


Net Asset Value

Preparation of the fund's NAV which includes Income statement, balance sheet, and partners’ capital.


You'll get an independent calculation of the management fee and performances allocations.


We'll prepare your investor statements and distribute them using our secured web portal.

Audit Assistance

We'll prepare your fund's audited financial statements with related footnote disclosures drafts for your year-end audit.

Every Fund is Treated Equal.

No matter which solution you choose, you'll take advantage of our best-in-class service.



Flexible and comprehensive services that fit your needs.



Our technology puts your data at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere you need it.



Daily discipline in our operations translates into timely and accurate Net Asset Value calculations at month's end.

Cost Effective


We have solutions that can fit your fund's budget.

What is the best choice?

Here's how to decide which service is right for you.

Choose Fund Administration

- If you require independent valuation 
- If you're in an active marketing stage 
- If your fund has multiple custodians 
- If you trade and hold multi currencies

Choose NAV Lite

- If you're a start-up managing friends and family money
- If your AUM is small with a relatively simple strategy
- If you have a single custodian
- If you trade and hold in USD securities and money

- If your valuation methodology is the same as your broker.  

Services at a price that fit your budget

If you're ready for a strategic partner who can provide the right administration services for you, we are here to help.


800-NAV-8272 (800-628-8272)


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