Portfolio Reconciliation

Let our systems take the human error and inefficiencies out of your process

Technology at work for your fund.

Portfolio reconciliation isn't just about what happened today. It's also your historical holdings. And your cash. Let our systems reconcile everything from transactions, holdings, cost basis and etc. to make sure all of your custodians' data are in agreement with all your trades.

Strong Discipline

We operate like a buy-side firm. All transactions and holdings (including cash) are reconciled every day, not just once a week. We aim to resolve all breaks the next day or before they settle.


Do you know if you are paying agreed commissions on your trades? What about away fees? We do. We take pride in recalculating all fees that sum up to the net amount of each trade. Pay what you've agreed.

Cost Basis

Does your cost basis match up with your broker? Is your custodian allocating the correct cost basis to your reorg transactions? Is your historical data changed? Cost basis impacts your capital gain/loss that's reported to the IRS. We make sure you avoid those issues.


If there's an issue that needs to be handled, we contact your prime brokers and traders directly. We want to help you get a timely resolution on all discrepancies, quickly.

Cash Control

Cash is as important to keep track of as the rest of your portfolio. Do you monitor your cash balance on a daily basis? We will do it for you. We monitor all cash transactions to ensure everything is accounted for.

Cutting-edge technology.

Excel isn’t the right tool if you want accuracy across your operation. We utilize the Advent portfolio management system, with Advent Custodial Data and the REX reconciliation system module to process daily transactions, cash and position reconciliations.

Allocate your capital where you need it

Cut your overhead costs

Expertise you don't have in-house

Portfolio Reconciliation is best for:

Hedge Funds

Private Equity Funds

Venture Funds

Fund of Funds

Family Offices


Don't put it off until tomorrow.

Your trade reconciliations need to be current and timely

Let our technology keep things in line, today.


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